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Bee Around Services provides state of the art beekeeping for those that want to host-a-hive, purchase honeybees and honey that supports the conservation and growth of honeybees.

Beekeeping Products & Services

Whether you’re simply shopping for local honey, or are an avid beekeeper seeking beekeeping supplies, we have something for you.

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Italian Bee Packages with Queen

Select a 3lb Bee Package that includes an over-wintered Queen and optional 5 frame NUC.

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Host a beehive on your property with no hassle. Our beekeeper maintains the hive for you.

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Local Honey

Purchase local honey from one of our hives, or host-a-hive and enjoy honey from your own bees.

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Beekeeping Basics Online Masterclass

Learn how to care for your bees and beehive virtually.


Have you ever wanted to own a beehive, have a supply of your own honey, and help the environment? Our host-a-hive service could be perfect for you. When you host a beehive on your property, you reap the benefits of local, raw honey, a healthy garden, and are a difference maker for our pollinator friends.
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Buy local honey, products for pollinators, and everything you need for beekeeping.



Purchase local honey from one of our beehives based in Ohio.

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Beekeeping Products

Shop for honeybees, queens, Nuc Boxes, and more.

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Help the local ecosystem by purchasing products that support pollinators.

About Bee Around

We are committed to saving the bees by helping you discover the art and joy of beekeeping. Our business offers a variety of beehive rental and hive options for hobbyists, farmers, and anyone interested in beekeeping.

Whether you’re just starting out, or looking to expand your beekeeping operation, we have beehive options to fit your needs. Our high-quality beehives are available for purchase or rental, with expert support and guidance to ensure you have a successful and rewarding beekeeping experience.